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Abstract – Twirling a photograph

I was going through a few posting on Facebook and one of my friend Peter Alessandria (amazing photographer) showed his work and at that time I had not clue on how to do so I took his photograph and tried to match but couldn’t match so I used my own photograph and start playing around to see what I get! This is how I did


I created an action for this and can be download from here!

I started with below photograph, infect you can use any photograph to achieve this!








Step 1: Go to filter – Pixelate – Mezzotint – a dialog box would show up but bunch of option in the drop down Type as shown below and in that list select “Medium Lines” and hit ok, depending on the image resolution it might take some time but let photoshop finish the work



























Step 2: Go to filter – Blur – Radial Blur – a dialog box would show up but bunch of options in here select Amount to 100, Blur method to zooom, Quality to Best and hit “Ok”. Again it might take some time depending on the resolution of the original image but let photoshop finish the work and final output would look like this






























Step 3: At this time the amount of blur is not too much so we will keep doing it until we see some real zoom in the photograph and do to that, now you really dont have to go all the way down to Blur – Radial blur etc, in Filter menu it-self the very first option is the last filter setting that is applied and just keep clicking on that











Do the same again









Do the same again









Step 4: current layer should be saying as background and now duplicate this layer. Control +J or Cmd + J










Step 5: Now select the layer that says “Background” and go to Filter – Distort – Twirl , a dialog box would show up as below and there use an Angle value to be positive number (lower value would have less Twirl and higher would have other way round). At this time after having a value (in my case I use 10) hit ok. You would not see anything changed on the image as the filter was applied on Background layer which is under our copied layer from Step 4. Hit Ok and the filter will be applied.













Step 6: Now select our copied layer, in this case Layer1, do exactly same “EXCEPT” that the number that you will select for Twirl Angle would be negative side. Again you can select any value but in my case I kept the same value as 10 but it is “-10”. Hit Ok and the filter will be applied. At this point you should see the filter applied as we applied on the “Layer 1”.













Step 7: Now you you have all filters applied, next keep the selection the “Layer 1” and Now select different blending mode and see the effect and you are done!!!!!













After applying Blending in my case I used Darker color!










Save and final output!!













A few other examples like this are:










This is Peter’s original image that I played around! Thank you Peter!!!