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Pastel effect

Many times you take a photograph of a flower during clody day. In this situation you would not find proper light on the flower coming from all angles. Somewhere you will find a dark shadow (because of low light) some where bright.  e.g. below photograph:



Now think what can be done after this to have this flower shows up soft and kind of different 🙂

Like this:



  1. Open this in lightroom (any version)
  2. Reduce the temperate to say 5800
  3. increase exposure by 0.48
  4. Reduce contract to fit your need
  5. increase show and whites again to match what you want to see
  6. decrease the clarity, increase the viberence and decrease saturtation
  7. increae red and green color
  8. in split toning play with highlights and shadows

If you dont want to do anything above then simpley click here and download a preset that I developed to achieve this!


Have fun!!!!!!