Side By Side

While taking this photographs, someone ask me how did I do this? Guys trust me it is not a trick but more of two photographs align such a way that it looks like they are connected.

You will need following to achieve the below:

  • Straw – pickĀ a color that popus out over the white background
  • Apple – Green or red
  • A glass filled with apple juice
  • Tripod
  • A remote trigger


Step 1: have a study table or something where you can have white background placed and on top of that place an apple and glass filled with juice

Step 2: Mount camera on the tripod and change the focus to manual setting

Step 3: change the aperture value to 6 or 7, so that apple, glass and straw all come in focus and at the same time white background does not create a big issue

Step 4: Insert straw in Apple and bend from another corner such that it looks like juice will come out from apple and will start pouring into glass. Now click the remote trigger and photograph should looke like this:



Step 5: Now take some juice in the mouth (yaikii) and use straw, again align such a way that it would match with the position of the straw in previous step. Now start pushing apple juice through straw and at the same time use remote trigger to take shot. It should looke like this:



Step 6: Play a bit with Step 4 and 5 until you get what you are looking for.

Step 7: import two images in photoshop into two layers in a single file, take left half of the image from Step 5 and right half of the image from Step 4 and align them in there.

Step 8: once you are done with alignment, merge the two layers. Now play with curve/layers and boost white and at the same time other colors. End result should look like this:



Have fun!!!!!!!!