The Orton Effect

What is the goal?

We want to achieve the effect like this one but how?


Step 1: Start with a new transparent image of any side but here I am consider one with the size of 533×800 (A verticle image). This would work with any orientation though.


Step 2: Open or import an image that you want to have effect and it shold show you like this. We will call it as original image:


Once you are done with the import your layer setting would looke like this:


Step 3: Now create a copy of this layer by duplicating the layer (Control+J – Win) or (Command+J – Mac)


Step 4: Now keep copied layer selected and go to menu item “Image – Apply Image” and click on that.


After click you will see a popup window, in there from the first drop down select “Layer 1” (if you would have open an existing image then it would be showing as “Background”), keep second drop down to “RGB” and in beldning mode select “Screen” if not already. It would brighten up your copied layer. Click “OK” once done.


Step 5: Now again make a copy of this layer by using same command (Control+J) or (Command+J)

it would looke like this:



Step 6: Keep copied layer selected and go to “Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur” and click on the menu item:


Step 7: It would popup a Blur adjustment popup window, select a blur value that you think it would be good to show up (you will have to do some trial and error before you understand the behind the scene of this tool). Once done click “OK”


Step 8: After clicking “OK”, it would look like this: Step13

Step 9: Now from Blending mode select “Multiple”.



Step 10: Now play with the Opacity value and see  difference in the image and you will be happy to see that you are able to achieve what you started with 🙂



Step 11: if you want to do more, then combine the three layers into single image, go to “Image – Adjustments – Curve” and play with brightness, contract.


Have fun learning!